Do this right now! – Enable 2FA

There are a few “factors” that affect your accounts and logging in. You have your username, which is sometimes your email address. You have a password, which is a secure string of characters that you use to protect your account. Then there’s a third (or more) factor, which is referred to as 2FA or MFA – Second Factor or Multi Factor. Beyond the password, this is an additional step required to access your account. This means that if someone obtains your password in some way, they will not be able to log in as you. They would require this extra factor. Sending a code to your email, phone, or using an authenticator app that generates random codes every 30 seconds are common methods. There are also physical methods, such as plugging in USB keys or using your phone’s fingerprint sensor. Each account must be secured with MFA separately, and not all vendors allow you to use all MFA methods. Some will only accept text message codes, while others will only accept email codes. Whatever the case, I strongly advise enabling MFA on at least your email – because this is your home base, and if this is compromised, it’s very easy to steal other access.

Click here for Google 2FA

Click here for Microsoft 2FA

If you use an email other than Google or Microsoft, such as AOL, Yahoo or your ISP. I recommend switching away to increase security. Contact us for assistance 🙂

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