Cutting the Cables!

Okay, so not all of the cables. I mean technically you need internet services. While cellular internet exists, I don’t recommend it as a primary source, so we’ll assume you’re keeping your home cable internet or fiber.

Nope, I’m talking about canceling that expensive TV service with 900 channels you don’t watch.

There are a ton of services out there and it can be overwhelming trying to choose one. This article will highlight two and a very basic scratch of the surface to set them up.

Services to check out

For casual watchers, you might be able to get away with the free version of which has lots of live TV channels that you can watch on virtually any device.

For those of you who want a little more, check out YouTube TV. You’ll get plenty of channels, a cloud DVR service, exclusive content as well as On-Demand Movies and Shows. The other nice thing about YouTube TV is that most people already have a Google Account. YouTube TV uses the same login, so it’s one less account and password.

Getting it on your devices, but more importantly on your TV.

Both of the services have Android and iOS apps as well as websites that can run on your computer.

There are plenty of devices that can run YouTube TV as well as Pluto TV that plug into your TV as well.

Google’s Chromecast

My personal favorite is Google Chromecast because of the integrations with Google Home and Google Assistant. It’s also a very simple interface or lack thereof. There are no menus to navigate directly on the Chromecast. The Chromecast is primarily controlled via Google Assistant (control it completely hands-free!) and your Phone.
Though it can also be controlled with virtually any remote as far as play and pause go. To start movies or TV, you would, however, go into the app on your phone or computer, choose to cast then play. You can click here for more info on general casting or here for a prettier guide.

Amazon’s Fire Stick or Fire TV

If you want something with more of an interface to utilize, and also want a physical remote, the Amazon Firestick is a great option. You would need to install the relevant app on the Firestick itself, then sign in from the app on the stick. For the getting started guide, check it out here.

There are plenty more, but these are the ones I’ve used and recommend. You can see them both on Amazon at

The surface has been scratched.

I know, this is a lot of info being thrown at you. If getting something like one of these set up is something you would like, reach on out and we’re happy to help!

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