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You need a new computer, there are so many choices, what do you recommend?

With my last post. I wanted to give a little more personal experience bullet points in working with a couple different brands and my take on them. And as a side note, if you can, always go business grade. They’re easier to maintain and usually better built.


Hands down, if you need an all around computer, my first choice is Apple. Assuming that one of their high end computers is within your budget. Apple has a great build quality, pieces that fit together like an awesome puzzle and amazing technical support. OS X itself is exceptional, and quite self healing, meaning potentially less problems to arise. It’s also much easier to maintain. Make sure to max out your computer when you buy it though, as many of Apple’s computers are not upgradeable. Please note, this does not count iPads and iPhones. I’ll choose Android through and through over iOS due to the lack of freedoms in the system. 


When it comes to PC manufacturers, Dell is definitely a favorite. For a couple reasons, In my experience through multiple companies and clients, they’ve been quite reliable. They don’t come bundled with too much crap-ware. In the case something does go wrong, their site is a plethora of the correct information about your specific model that you don’t have to hunt for. As well as the fact their chat support is awesome, and makes warranty work a piece of cake.


Lenovo has been a solid contender with Dell for me the last few years. While I haven’t had to deal with their support, since I’ve used them a whole lot less, I am definitely a fan, and they definitely score pretty well on other sites. Lenovo, for those of you who don’t know, is owned by IBM, and they happen to make quite hefty business grade laptops that chug along quite well for years. I will say however, I’ve seen a bunch of their consumer laptops fail shortly after warranty.


Acer has been a great go to for budget laptops. Which is personally where I’d leave it. Their entire demeanor to me doesn’t scream long term quality. I’ve seen a few old Acers running along smoothly, but they’re not my pick for anything outside of a budget category. Fun fact though, this article is being typed on a $250 Acer Chromebook.


This is a brand I’ve had minimal experience with. I see hit or miss reviews, and out of the Asus computers I’ve dealt with, they’re not my first choice. From a tech standpoint, I want something that’s easy to find how to pull apart and fix to keep it running, which hasn’t been my experience with Asus. Though don’t take my word for it. Feel free to send me your broken Asus and prove me wrong. 🙂


HP is the company I’ll start off by saying run far away. From their printers to their computers. Much of the tech I’ve seen from HP has been built to throw away and replace. Which isn’t always the best option financially.

Much of this is personal opinion based on personal experience through corporate and in home work. Your mileage may vary. 

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