Autocomplete IS NOT your contacts list

Too many times now, I’ve seen users replace their computers or change their email only to find out they’re missing contacts.
How can that be? The contact list was synced and exported over.

Come to find out, they are relying on the autocomplete in outlook or their mail client to be their contacts list.

This is a terrible practice and shouldn’t be done by anyone. Why you may ask? Well for one, it doesn’t sync anywhere in most cases and you may be prone to losing contacts.

What should you do instead? Make sure all contacts are saved ONLINE in a Synced location. The most common places to find your contacts online are below:

Google (, My favorite)
Microsoft (, Hotmail, MSN, etc)
Office 365
Apple’s iCloud (.me domains)

Log into the contacts URL that goes with your email address and add your contacts there. Don’t rely on contacts automatically saving when you email them.

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