A pretty awesome little CRM – Cloze

A pretty awesome little CRM – Cloze

Keeping in touch with customers, clients, friends, family, everyone. Can be a chore. That’s why CRM’s exist!

CRMs, Customer Relationship Management platforms are all over the place these days. There are tons of them. From Salesforce to Insightly to Hubspot to the other 9000 that exist. How do you choose? It’s a difficult thing to do. Which is why I’m here to give you a new one to take a look at. Cloze.

Before I start this little article. Let me state, I’ve tried a multiplicity of ways to manage contacts. I’ve used Google Contacts (and still do, though not in a keep in touch method anymore), I’ve used FullContact, Salesforce, Insightly, and Hubspot. I had always used the free versions. That is until now. I’ve jumped on the Cloze bandwagon.

Why Cloze? 

The number one reason was it’s so much easier to use than all the others. It seamlessly integrates with Google or Outlook Email. It pulls in all my emails, all my contacts, anyone I’ve communicated with. All of this in virtually every manner. Automatically. Which means I don’t have to input contacts into 3 systems anymore. I just need one. This makes a massive timesaver.

What makes it different?

To slightly repeat myself. When I was using Hubspot or Insightly, I had to manually input data, bcc emails, and manually record calls and texts. This is all automatic with Cloze. It integrates fully with your mobile. There’s some elegance in the simplicity as well. The interface is very plain.

Bottom Line: This isn’t an in-depth review of all its features, It’s meant to be a taste. To spark your interest. If you’re looking for a new CRM. Give Cloze a try. There is a free version and a free trial for 14 days of their Pro package.


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