6 Reasons to use Gmail over any other provider

  1. Integration with a ton of different applications, because Google. 

    1. Google Search and Google Now
      1. If you have an Android and you activate Google Now, it becomes your personal assistant based on your location, showing you hot spots around you, articles related to your recent Google searches, weather, and a ton of accurate voice commands that kick the hell out of Siri. Even if you don’t have an android, it integrates with Google Chrome fully. The reminders and Calendar Entries have been awesome for me.
    2. Google Inbox
      1. Google’s alternate layout for gmail bundles certain things together. It will highlight travel plans, upcoming appointments, bills, allow you to set reminders and allow you to pin and snooze different emails. It takes some getting used to, but overall it’s amazing.
    3. Youtube
      1. No more separate accounts to watch your favorite youtube channels. Google owns youtube.
    4. Google Docs
      1. Don’t want to pay for office? Don’t want to risk losing your Word doc again because it didn’t save? No problem. Google Docs is a full fledged office suite with all the common features. It might not be a replacement for the hardcore Word fans, but for basic word processing, sharing and reliability, it gets the job done.
    5. Google Maps
      1. Save your favorite places, navigate in an instant, get up to date traffic reports.
    6. Google Calendar
      1. Definitely one of my favorite features, along with Contacts. Your own personal calendar, accessible, shareable and integrated anywhere.
    7. Google Contacts
      1. Store virtually as many contacts as you like, with version history (if you delete one, you can restore). Syncs with your mobile device.
    8. Google Chrome
      1. Google’s browser, offers the best performance I’ve seen, with integrated searches and amazing security. Also, allows you to sign into Google Applications with no passwords if you’re signed into chrome. Syncs bookmarks, history, and apps.
    9. Google Authenticator
      1. Most won’t use this one, it’s for Two Factor Authentication. So when the bad guys get your password, they need the one time code generate from this to sign in.
    10. Google Photos
      1. Back up an unlimited number of photos (at 2048×2048) automatically, with facial recognition and location recognition.
    11. Google Wallet
      1. Google’s version of Paypal. Transfer funds through Gmail to friends.
    12. Google Keep
      1. Google’s simpler version of Evernote, keep your notes in one place, synced across all your devices.
    13. Google Hangouts
      1. Remember AOL Instant Messenger? No? Well this is Google’s chat application, also allows for free video calling and screen sharing.
    14. Google Voice
      1. Transcribed voicemails and your own personal spam blocking number.
    15. Google Music
      1. Upload 50,000 of your songs to Google to sync across all devices. They also offer a service similar to Pandora for internet radio.
  2. Awesome Spam Filtering

    1. Gmail has some of the best spam filtering I’ve seen. And for what it doesn’t catch, the manual filters will. Try setting a filter for anything with “unsubscribe” in the body. You’ll catch a lot.
  3. Lots of Storage Space

    1. Gmail’s storage is shared across all their apps, and comes with 15 gigs of storage. That’s more than enough for most people.
  4. Ability to Send and Receive from almost any email address

    1. Got a lot of other emails you don’t wanna ditch. That’s fine, you can pull those emails into gmail, and even send from them. All from the gmail interface.
  5.  Mail Sorting and Ease of Use

    1. While gmail may take some getting used to over something like outlook. Once you get used to it, it’s awesome. It has features to automatically sort your mail to make it easier to organize.
  6. Reliability

    1. One thing I’ve noticed, is gmail seems to be more reliable than using emails such as Cox. I don’t worry about emails not going through or me not getting emails with Gmail.
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