5 Ways a Smart Watch Can Help

The Smart Watch industry has started booming. They give you a quick way to receive information without having to pull out your phone. Here are a couple ways they can help you. 

  1. Reduces the risk of missing important calls, texts or emails. – Smartwatches most useful feature is the ability to notify you by vibrating your wrist. You set what you want to be notified for and voila, each time that call, text or email happens you know right away. 
  2. Helps you maintain discreetness. – My phone is almost always on silent. That’s right, silent, not vibrate. Because whenever I get an alert, it comes to my watch. No matter where my cell phone is, I can see what’s going on without looking at it. If you’re in an important meeting but watching for an update, you can do so without seeming rude or interrupting.
  3. Quicker Messaging, Searches and Access – Almost all smart watches have voice commands. This means you can send a text or get directions from your wrist without bothering to pull out your phone. This can be very helpful while driving to a client if they message you and you don’t want to have to find your phone to respond. 
  4. Makes it MUCH harder to misplace your phone. – For my Gear S, if I walk away from my phone, the watch vibrates telling me it’s disconnected. This makes it hard to misplace my phone as I would have to know I’m close to it. If that’s not enough, most of them have a locate feature so you can locate either the smartwatch or smartphone from the other device. 
  5. Fitness Tracking – Sure, you can buy a Fitbit and challenge your friends, but a smartwatch gives a similar ability with all the added bonuses. And you only have to wear one device. Example, my Gear S can GPS track trips, and monitor my heartbeat during said trip. Then it syncs it to my cell. If you’re a desk junkie like me, the watch reminds you to get up and walk occasionally.

Bonus: If you get a smart watch with an independent sim card (meaning it has it’s own phone number), you can use it as an emergency phone. I can make calls and send texts from my watch independent of my phone. I’ve had times where I left my phone on the charger and walked away. Forwarding kicks in and I get a call or text. Even though I’m not near my cell, it’s forwarded to my watch. 

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