5 Reasons to use us as your technology provider!

  1. We want to see you satisfied.
    1. Our entire goal is to end up with happy customers. And we will do our best to make that happen!
  2. We aren’t sticklers on hours and time.
    1. While we may rate time as per hour, we rarely charge full price for a per hour basis. If you go 10-15 over, you aren’t going to get charged for that time.
  3. We give you your own line of credit with us!
    1. Don’t have the money to pay for a service right this second? No worries! We’ll put you on a payment plan.
  4. We have an awesome response time for email and sms.
    1. M-F 9-530pm, our SMS and Email Response time will usually be under 20 minutes.
    2. After Hours response times will usually be under 20 minutes, but may be up to 6 hours.
  5. Monthly clients get added benefits and perks
    1. Discounted software, movies, and discounts on other services!
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