What is SSO and how can it help you?

Single sign-on is a popular term for the process of logging in to one service with credentials from another. The idea behind SSO is to simplify the login process and reduce password fatigue by allowing people to use their existing username and password from one site to access all other sites.

SSO has become increasingly popular as more organizations adopt cloud-based software that can be accessed from a variety of devices, including mobile phones and tablets. A single sign-on will provide users with access to all services using their existing username and password, which makes it easier for them to manage their accounts. and access all of their information.

SSO can help security in a big way by reducing the repetitive use of easy to guess and crack passwords. Pick one strong password you can remember and you let the provider do the rest to secure the connection between you and the site you’re logging into.

Don’t confuse using one strong password in multiple places with what SSO is. With SSO, your password isn’t actually stored on multiple sites, rather each site has a different encrypted connection to the SSO provider to reduce the risk.

Because SSOs take on so much risk, it is in their best interests to protect your data, which in turn protects their reputation.

Though no company is infallible. As we can see with the recent Okta hack, which was remediated right away, thus preventing any major damage so far. With this said, This is the kind of remediation that a single user who has re-used a password would not typically be able to do.

As SSO grows, we’ll start to see it and embrace it more and more. There’s already a plethora of sites that let us log in with Facebook, Google and others. That’s SSO!

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