The Fiber Switch is Awesome!

When comparing Centurylink to Cox, I have always recommended Cox over Centurylink, unless Fiber is available.Well folks, Fiber has rolled around in my area and the switch has been made. I’ve gotta admit, it’s pretty sweet. With Cox internet, without unlimited data we were paying well over $100/month to get 940mbps download and around 40mbps upload. Most of the time on wifi, I would see 100-200mbps and wired would be around 600-800mbps. Not anymore! Scored for $65/month with unlimited data and 900+ up and down. I consistently see close to 300-400 on Wifi as well and have even seen 600 on wifi. The image in this post is from my cell on wifi.

To anyone looking to make the switch to fiber, when available, I’d always say go for it. It is far superior to cable on so many levels.

Just don’t forget to use your own router and not the provided one! I recommend Ubiquiti’s tech! Take a look at our recommended bundle by clicking here. This gives more security and stability than the provided routers.

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