Standard Work from Home Setup

With COVID here to stay and all of us working more from home, it helps to have a productive, ergonomic, and comfortable space to use.

You can skip the research and look no further! See below for our product recommendations for your full setup.

  • Stand Up Desk – let’s face it, sitting all day and leaning forward isn’t great for the back. I went for an Uplift Desk and have not looked back.
    • Check out for more.
  • Dual Monitors – Once you go multiple monitors, it’s hard to go back. Dell professional series is the way to go! Solid build, good color and fully adjustable.
  • Docking Station for Laptop Users – A docking station allows you to plug in a single cable to your laptop and let it utilize an external mouse, keyboard and monitors. A must have if you’re a laptop user. 
  • Mouse and Keyboard – For reliability. We prefer wired mice and keyboards. You can pick them up quite cheap at

Need help setting up? Reach on out! 


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