The art of solving tech problems

Technology. It’s a wonderful piece of our lives.

Though as long as humans create it, it’s never going to be perfect. We’ll always have blips, bugs and glitches in the matrix. Problems can occur out of the blue even if your tech has been working fine for a long time. This isn’t to say you should live with consistent problems or even inconsistent problems. No. This is just saying that problems will occur even when everything is working “normally”.

However, there’s an easy method to use to rule out as many faults as possible. Are you ready for it?

Process of Elimination

There you have it. The good ol’ process of elimination. Back to the basics. Eliminating the links in the chain until you have something that works more consistently than before.  Just like virtually every problem in life, it comes down to finding the best answer for the problem. Who knows, down the road you may find an even better answer!

Do you have a problem? Let us help find your best answer! We’ll work with you to see it through. Shoot us a chat in the bottom right 🙂

Remember. In order to accurately troubleshoot, we need the problem to be happening at the time. 

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