3 Reasons to Email over Call or Text

There is a time and place for a phone call, butfar too frequently, people make calls that are not actually necessary. While there are instances when phone calls make more sense, email is an excellent choice for the majority of communication. Here are three reasons why email is superior to calling or texting in the business world.

It’s less disruptive.

The primary reason that unannounced phone calls should be avoided is that they cause disruption to the person you’re phoning. Calls have a greater likelihood of catching someone off guard and eliciting an innacurate, less considered solution. Unlike dialing a dedicated support line staffed only by call takers, an individual’s busy day may be disrupted by unexpected calls.

Calls aren’t a great record.

You have the call log, but if you are not transcribing your calls, someone will have to manually record what was spoken. This results in a less accurate remembrance. Emails are an excellent way to establish who said what and when, as well as to build a legally binding trail. Texts also leave a trail, but they are not nearly as effective for long-term tracking and are considerably more difficult to report on.

Email can play the role of high or low priority.

In contrast to text messages and phone calls, email can be screened and automated. This enables it to function at any priority level. If an email requires immediate attention, it can be flagged as such, If it is not, it is permitted to sit. Calls and texts are received, and that is all. There’s less control over them. On the receiving end, there is less time to think and answer effectively.

TLDR: Better Records, Less Disruption, and More Control.

While I understand that some individuals like calls, and it truly depends on your sector, reducing disruptive interactions can free up a surprising amount of concentration, time, and energy.

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